Saturday, September 8, 2007

Grabbed by the Ocean

I wrote the following in response to another of Colleen's blog entries. She had posted some beautiful photographs from her trip to the Pacific Ocean. One of photographs is of the tide coming up to her feet. Accompanying this photo is her poem musing about the tide at her feet.

To feel the ocean grab hold of you,

To draw you far from life's mundane;
Your soul released to sail the blue,
To see like a child, again.

To lift the backdrop of clutter,
Illusions of necessity;
To lift your arms, to let your wings flutter;
To be caressed by the ocean's raw beauty.

To be at the edge of the world...
To be at the edge of the world
I envy you, young woman named girl.

p.s., Her name, Colleen, means girl.
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