Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Testimony

I've been searching for the answer,
Since my fading days of youth.
What is wrong and what is right
And what is the truth?

Does it really matter,
In God's universal plan?
If I were to disappear,
Would He miss a grain of sand?

Would He look for me?

He's been waiting for my answer,
Since He made me in His hand.
Would I choose to follow He
And would I make a stand?

Would I see His love for me
And would I really care?
Would I run into His arm,
If I saw Him standing there?

Would I recognize Him?

So He came down to look for me,
Shed his majesty and power.
And died on the wooden cross,
On the appointed hour.

When I saw the Son who died for me
To bear my sin and shame.
I chose to follow Him
And bear his holy name.

He came to look for me.
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