Monday, October 15, 2007

City After Midnight

Due to the unusual hours that I keep, I, often, go shopping after midnight at 24-hour a day supermarkets and drugstores. Several nights ago, during one of my late night shopping trips, I saw a sight that broke my heart. I've been thinking about it since. I finally decided write about it.

Cruel is the lonely city night
Blind to the misery of the sight.
The sparse traffic passes
But doesn't see, doesn't hear, doesn't feel
The desperation of their plight.

On the corner where McCulloh and MLK meet
Hunger hangs heavily on the faces of the street.
Two hours past midnight,
A little girl and her grandmother
Are begging for something to eat.

What does it take to make things right?
A five was all that I can spare, tonight.
As I pull away
I see no tear being shed
By the blinking traffic light.
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