Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Cry from One who Wanders the City Street

Something unusual happened to me that caught me complete by surprised. A block south of the Washington Monument (the original one in Baltimore) on Charles Street, I was stopped by a homeless man who didn't want food or money. He said that since accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior, the Lord has been providing for all his needs. All he wanted was a hug. He explained that because he has AIDS, he has not had any human touch in a very long time. But he assured me that all his sours are currently healed so I am not endangered of contracting the disease from him.

As I hugged him, he broke down and started crying streams of tears. At which point, he broke off our embrace because he didn't want any of his body fluid to get on me. Suddenly, he quickly ran off.

Although I constantly keep an eye out for him when I'm in that neighborhood, I never saw him again.

No longer does tomorrow exist for me,
Just the recurrence of subsequent todays,
Because hope is tomorrow's admission fee;
And mine is buried beneath a hundred clich├ęs.

Tell me I'm more than the sum of body parts.
Tell me I'm not reduced to nothing by my sorrow.
Open your arms and share the warmth of your heart.
Rekindle my soul to see again tomorrow.
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