Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Thinking of Maggie

Maggie transferred to our school in the sixth grade. She had the sweetest smile and the kindest soul. She was adored by the little kids in the neighborhood and equally loved by little furry creatures. She wasn't the "type", that the other guys go gaga over, but, for me, her beauty was radiant.

We were friends and I can't think of anything we couldn't say to each other.

Well, except for one thing...

I wasn't able to openly profess my feelings to her until the ninth grade. I had thought that it was well concealed until Maggie's brother, Willie, and I were involved in some activity together (I can't remember which). When I introduced myself to Willie, he said, "I know who you are; you and my sister are sweet on each other."

I don't know how red my face turned but I felt my entire face heated up.

As it turned out, Willie wasn't the only one who knew. Evidently, it was obvious to everybody.

When I finally used those three words, Maggie, just as naturally as can be, wrapped her arms around me and held me for an eternity. I was in heaven.

It's been so many years, but my mind still takes me back to that place, when I occasionally allow it to wander.

Once there was a place where love was true,
Where love was love and nothing more,
We kept no secret to misconstrue;
We forgave without keeping score.

This place existed for one moment;
That moment existed for this place.
There, marked the end of my heart's torment.
There, I found a home in her embrace.

Boatman, take me back home again.
I'd empty my pocket for the fare.
Free me from this present time's domain
Find me the river to take me there.
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