Friday, November 30, 2007

I made the mistake of venturing to the mall.

I made the mistake
Of venturing to the mall,

The land of sales clerks
With mannequin smiles,

Where "You too can be
Beautiful, blonde, and tall
Screamed the posters at the ends
Of merchandise aisles.

Buying products to prove
Your adequateness

Is your fundamental
Constitutional right.

The American
Pursuit of happiness

Is guaranteed under
Bright florescent light.

Things to put envy
In your neighbor's eyes

Are on sale for
Thirty percent off.

The temporary joys
Of dubious buys

Draw hungry shoppers
To the feeding trough.

Star-bellied Sneetches
And plain-bellied Sneetches

Running through Sylvester
McMonkey McBea's car,

Stop and learn what
Dr. Zeus teaches

And be happy to be
Who you really are!
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