Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Light from Behind My Grandma's Door

My grandma was the godliest person I know. Every day, she would get up super early in the morning (while it's still dark) to pray and worship the Lord to begin the day. Every evening, she would stay up way late to do it again to end the day. I'm convinced that her time with the Lord were two-way conversations. In fact, I'm sure it was her prayers that caused God to hold an umbrella of protection over our family.

I remember when I was really little, I was afraid of the dark. My mom would keep the light on until I had fallen asleep. However, there would be times when I would wake up during the night. Luckily, my grandma's light would be on as she prays for the family and I would fall asleep in the comfort of her light.

God, I miss her since she'd passed away.

So, here's one for you, grandma:

The Light from Behind My Grandma's Door

The Light spills into the night,
From behind my grandma's door.
Its glow scatters the shadows
Upon the living room floor.

Her prayers climb up Jacob's stairs,
Up beyond the evening sky,
To where the Light shines,
through the night.
Her songs take me to where I belong,
In His sight.

Keep the Light burning in my heart.
Keep her life's yearning in my heart.
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