Sunday, November 8, 2009

Running Wild

The last time I saw Lori and her little daughter Grace, I took them down to Baltimore's inner harbor. Grace had a ball. Everything down there fascinated her and she ran after everything that caught her sight. I started to write this piece about Grace, but as usually it turned into a retrospective of my own life.

Running Wild

Hey, child, running towards tomorrow,
Looking back, are you being followed?
Mamma tend to worry about that boy.

Hey, child, somebody's calling you.
Running on, who are you listening to?
Hope you don't loose yourself on the way.

Walking up right on your own,
Within the year you were born,
Strong willed child, running wild.

Hey, child, looking for who you are,
Working hard, will you be a shining star?
Gonna have to catch your breath some day.

Hey, child, Jesus is calling you.
Turning back, who will you listen to?
Will you find your way back home?

Strong willed child, running wild.
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